The Alpha Laser Engraving Story

Buzz Schert, Owner of Alpha Laser Engraving

Hi there, Buzz here.

I’m the owner of Alpha Laser Engraving. My passion for this business started with manipulating wood – turning, carving and creating things with wood.

That interest brought me to a Milwaukee wood workers show over ten years ago. There, I witnessed the incredible detail, speed and versatility of a laser machine. If you’ve ever had an epiphany – a moment when you saw your direction clearly – you’ll know what I mean when I say that I felt as though it was my destiny to be there that day.

In short order, and a little financing, I had my own laser machine in my shop and Alpha Laser Engraving was born.

Alpha Laser Engraving fits my creative nature, a characteristic, I suspect, I received from my father. He and I did wood working together for years. He taught me tricks and I shared fresh ideas. Since starting Alpha Laser Engraving, our roles have reversed a little. However, that’s not a problem as we both have a deep professional respect for the other’s abilities.

Today, I have a passion for the creative nature of my work. I’m always doing something different – different designs, different products, different materials and different processes. I wake up every day looking forward to the next opportunity.

Can’t wait to work on a project with you soon.

Buzz Schert